Saturday, March 29, 2008

The captain's in Montreal

The Habs road to the postseason could be a bit bumpier than expected as Saku Koivu sees Canadiens team doctors in Montreal. I have a reliable source who tells me that Saku was evaluated by doctors in Buffalo and the prognosis is a broken foot.

The team has stated that the results of X-rays in Buffalo were inconclusive but that often seems to be the case when things don't look good. They say he is being re-evaluated by team doctors in Montreal so as of yet the story remains unconfirmed but I'm giving it to you first.

We'll see when the team makes an official announcement but the mere fact that the captain is in Montreal while his teammates play their last game of the season at the ACC is a bad indication.

Again, the team has confirmed nothing except that Koivu is in Montreal but I have it on authority that the first prognosis is a broken foot.

Timeframe for recovery is completely up to speculation but this type of injury can take 4 to 6 weeks.

What this means is the Canadiens need even more of their young players to step it up and give then strong play down the middle. The ability of their youngsters to step into roles and raise the level of their game has been a huge factor in their success so far, so a new chapter begins tonight of the Canadiens storybook season.

This also means Alex Kovalev will likely wear the captain's "C" tonight. He had an inspired effort earlier this year in New York as captain.

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