Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Night Ever

Sometimes, something happens that makes your average former-fan turned Canadiens reporter into a believer. Last night was so insane that I jumped out of my seat in the press box for the first time since Alex Kovalev scored an overtime winner in the preseason against Pittsburgh. I'm supposed to be a reserved professional up there but last night's game was too much.

Michael Ryder of all people kept the Habs in it long enough for the rest of the tem to catch up. Mike Komisarek looked like a bull at the rodeo waiting to get out of the box late in the second period. When he did, he punished several Rangers and got penalized again. It was one of those good penalties you hear about sometimes. The team got an inspired effort from Cristobal Huet and Kovy sealed the deal when he tied it on a late third-period power-play.

People are freaking out. The Habs have had some huge wins this year but this one was something else entirely. The Bell Centre was as loud as I've heard it in my professional career or my time as a mere fan. "La Foule" never gave up on their team, although a chant of "Hossa, Hossa." did start when it was 5-0.

This is the only city in the NHL that cheers a faceoff win with 19 seconds left.

Komisarek said his ears were still ringing after the game. He also said there is no doubt that the Canadiens have the best fans in the NHL.

I agree. Sometimes, I miss being one of them. Hopefully I can get away with some unprofessional fan-like activity when circumstances dictate.

Penguins demain soir, hard act to follow.....

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Ted said...

I probably would have fallen right out! Gordo and I were out of our gourds by the end of it. Especially because of the senators game last week, which essentially had the same opening 30 minutes. Knowing the dejection of that game, feeling like we were in for it again, and sticking it out, only to be rewarded with a gem of a game, that is truly the pinnacle of fan-dom. Playoffs, ho!