Saturday, January 12, 2008

Links of the Week

Andrei Markov is the only Hab going to Atlanta for the All-Star game later this month. It's another slap to the face for your underappreciated Canadiens courtesy of the NHL. The upside of the snub is that all the guys get a chance to rest for a few days, recharge the batteries. Alex Kovalev should be there. But he's a veteran player and will most certainly benefit from the time off. has a great piece on reactions from Kovalev, Tomas Plekanec and Carbonneau. Love the Plekanec quote.

All-Star Snubbery

Stephen Brunt is the premier sportswriter in Canada. Here's a fantastic story on how former Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold's wheeling and dealing with the NHL brass put him in a much better NHL ownership situation in Minnesota, a place where there's actually fans. Interseting to read how things are done behind the scenes in the league. It stinks and is totally indicative of how this league has turned into a joke on the professional sports stage.

Brunt Breaks It Down

The story about the Ovechkin deal continues to get more interesting. Looks like he'll become a Hab after all (kidding!) but only due to a bunch of weird movement clauses in the deal. Apparently Ovechkin initially negotiated the 6 year, $54 million dollar deal I initially reported before Caps owner Ted Leonsis blew it out of the water with the 13 year deal. Here are the details from the good folks at TSN.

Ovechkin Details Emerge

The Leafs suck so much more than most people (not me!) thought they would this year. It's amazing to me that they were pretty much a consensus playoff team when the year began. The Leafs are living proof that you can't stick band-aids on gaping wounds. I take great pleasure in watching them continue to fail miserably.

What's that Leafs? You thought Jason Blake was the answer? Hmm, he's got 8 goals this year...

I feel for Vesa Toskala, his defence just won't bail him out, it's sad.

The Leafs are living proof that you must build your team from within in today's NHL, you can't just get a bunch of free agents and hope you'll succeed.

Dave Shoalts wants a change!!

Mike Boone is the master of Habs-blogging and his live game blog is a true pleasure to read. He got it open early today in preperation for tonight's showdwon at Madison Square Garden.

Boone's Online Eeee-Mail

The Gazette's Pat Hickey writes about the Habs fourth line and the great job they've been doing. These guys need to continue to be solid in their shutdown role if the Habs want to continue to succeed.

Hickey's 4th Line Tribute

Finally your gameday preview from

Bon Match!!

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