Thursday, November 15, 2007

Off Day Musings

So the Habs are getting ready for a couple of huge back-to-back division games this weekend. It will be interesting to see how much juggling of the lines goes on. Cristobal Huet starts on Friday in Buffalo and Carey Price goes on Saturday night against the Bruins.

Everyone's talking about Carey Price as he continues to emerge as a dominant goaltender with nerves of steel and ice running through his veins. Habs goaltending coach Rollie Melanson, who has seen a few dominant goaltenders over the years, compared Carey Price at his current pace to Patrick Roy and others. Pierre McGuire joined Melnick in the afternoon today and told us he thinks Price is further along in his development at this point in his career than Martin Brodeur was.


That's some pretty high praise, and well deserved. Let's just hope the kid doesn't listen to all the hype and get a big head. That definitely seems unlikely.

The Canadiens are rolling and it's fun to hear the national media heap praise upon them. The Globe & Mail has been lambasting the Leafs for everything that's been going on with them on and off the ice.

What are the odds that John Ferguson Jr leaked the Jiri Tlusty naked photo story to put a temporary hold on fans and media calling for his firing? It's funny how these ridiculous stories get more attention when your team is slipping down the standings and playing terrible hockey.


In other news, Sheldon Souray has been confirmed as out indefinitely by the Edmonton Oilers with no return date in sight. His shoulder injury appears to be much worse than originally thought.

CBC sports has a piece about Cristobal Huet and his quest for an injury-free year.

check it out HERE

Game Preview tomorrow...

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